A “neologism” is a new word. “Retronym” is a neologism, and is a made-up word for a thing that didn’t use to need a name. The big one I can think of is “black and white TV”. Back in the beginning of time, all televisions were black and white. When color TVs were invented, they were scarce enough that “TV” still meant “black and white TV”.

Over the course of time, as people grew more affluent, color TVs became the norm. You couldn’t call it a TV anymore unless it had color. You had to call it a “black and white TV”. Boom! Retronym.

Same goes for “film camera”. I’m sure there are others out there. Telephones are still in the grey area – a “phone” could be wired or wireless, landline or cellular.

Wrapping back to neologisms, “blog” definitely fits right in. A new word, but probably in all the dictionaries. At least the fashionable ones.