Some people try to catch a preacher in a trap. “So, you can preach on any verse in the Bible?” “Yes, I believe I could.” “Exodus 16:36!”

Yes, with an exclamation point. People think this verse would stump a preacher. I’m no preacher, but here’s what I’d do with this verse:

(Now an omer is a tenth of an ephah.)

The parentheses mean it is a parenthetical comment. Here are the points:

1) God is a regular God. The omer is ten percent of an ephah – alternately, an ephah is ten omers. Not nine, or a lot, but exactly ten. Easy to remember, easy to count. Exact.

2) God has external rules. Mankind cannot define that the size varies – it’s God’s rule. Riff on that for a while.

3) God provides. This verse comes at the end of the chapter where God introduces manna to the Israelites. Every day, they were supposed to go grab an omer-ful of manna for each person in the household. Any more would go to waste – but God provided them their daily bread.

And, being a good non-preacher, I’m going to stop there. I know when it’s time to quit.