This blog is hosted on WordPress. They are nice people (I presume), but I do know that they keep great statistics.

For instance, my biggest hit day (most visitors) was during the blizzard of 2008 – 120 people graced the doors of this place. Nothing better to do, I guess. My best referrer (who sends people here) is my favorite sister-in-law, which has happened almost 1,350 times. Thanks, Angie.

And my most popular post – by almost a 2:1 margin – surprises me. I would have thought it would be Kojak (I’m proud of that one). Or maybe the great list of tested PC utilities. Nope. It was the post on Mary Jane jokes.

So I’m not sure to file this under “Popular” or “Let them eat cake”. But if that’s what the public wants, who am I to turn them away from the front door?

Mary Jane and her mother were walking downtown, and Mary Jane’s mother saw a quarter out in the street. “Mary Jane, go pick up that quarter off the street.” “No, ma’am, I’m not going to go pick up that quarter off the street. A bus is liable to come along and hit me. You go pick up the quarter.” So Mary Jane’s mom went out to pick up the quarter, and BAM she got hit by a bus.

Mary Jane just laughed and laughed. She knew the quarter was really a nickel.

The surprising thing is that it’s all Cheri’s fault. Bettie and I have a habit of blaming everything that happens on her husband Steve, but Cheri’s the one who introduced me to Mary Jane jokes. And she tells them so well, too.