Well, that’s what the marketroids want us to think.  Firefox came out with their new browser.  You can get it here.  It’s good, it’s stable.

And it breaks a few things.  My utilities post is still useful, with a few updates.  Google Browser Sync is not compatible with the new version 3, and apparently Google is not going to make that happen.  I have switched over to Foxmarks.  Functionality is still the same (synchronizing bookmarks across multiple machines), but this functionality has the advantage of working.

The other piece that breaks is Tab Mix Plus, a cool add-on that makes the tabs work exactly the way you want.  The updated version isn’t part of the official add-on list, but the one available here is from the author and does work.

And did Firefox spend the whole upgrade cycle being serious and not cracking a smile?  They did not.  In FF3, type in about:robots as an address, and you’ll see a nifty “Welcome Humans” screen, including this line:

Robots are Your Plastic Pal Who’s Fun To Be With.