I saw this story in the Washington Post before the election.  It hit me hard then, and a bit less on re-reading it now.  A hotel in a heavily (77%) Democratic county near DC decided to put up a McCain/Palin sign.  It’s their right.

Some people provided commentary on it:

“For a business to display a huge McCain-Palin sign in the middle of such a pro-Democratic and pro-Obama area is business suicide”

Fair enough – a person sharing their thoughts on somebody else’s activities. And then there’s

“While a business has the right to display what it chooses, the public has a right to show its contempt for that decision, including boycotting,” said Mel Franklin, president of the Greater Marlboro Democratic Club.

Show disagreement?  Sure.  Show contempt for putting up a sign like that?  Somebody has too little on their plate.  Yes, I expect a Dem club president to be biased.  But I’d also expect him to be civil.