Everybody knows that Microsoft is a lousy company for security, and if they’d only have gotten their act together back in the days of Windows 98 (or Windows for Workgroups, or DOS 2.0) The world would be a much better place.  We’re talking puppies and butterflies.

So what are they going to say about us in ten years?  They’re going to say “Oh, I wish they would have used the  Secunia Personal Software Inspector!!”

Well, they probably won’t be so whiney.

But you should do the future half-generation a favor and grab this thing.  It will look at the software on your computer and let you know programs that are out-of-date or insecure.  It also gives you the link to grab the proper next version.  Real good stuff.

Mature software, free for home use, and it works, simply and easily.