All industries have their own jargon.  Computer people speak of pinging other humans, meaning seeing if they are available.  I heard a report on curling yesterday that explained some of their arcane terms.  Newspaper workers have their own lingo.

This PDF file contains a good description of that jargon, like

  • ROP: Run-of-Press. An item that appears in every copy of a press run.
  • NUT PARAGRAPH (NUT GRAF): A summary paragraph that explains (“in a nutshell”) why the reader should read a story.


  • LEAD (LEDE): The first few sentences or paragraphs of a story, usually spelled lede to prevent confusion with lead, the metal that was once used in printing.

The last two are related.  Those are the parts of a story that grab you, pull you in, give you a sense of the story, make you want to read further.

That’s why I was astonished to see this lede, from this story.

Authorities responding to a suicide in Florida have made a chilling discovery — a body stored in a carport freezer.

Oh, just stop.  If you’re being cute, it’s improper humor.  If you’re being dumb, you’re in the wrong job.  Unless you like attention – no matter what it costs.