My first week of losing a pound a week, I managed to lose 4 pounds.  This puts me safely past Christmas and into the new year.  That’s if I maintain – if I keep on losing, I’ll be that much farther ahead of the game.

No post last night – after work Friday night, we worked on the old house and didn’t get home and finish unpacking until 1:30 AM.  It just wasn’t worth logging on to say that I couldn’t post.  I figured that part would be pretty evident.

Then I worked today from 8AM to 2PM, went and helped my nephew and his wife decorate their Christmas tree, and I’m back home working again (the software blew up, and I’m waiting on somebody to fix it so I can continue my part).

I do get to go to church on Sunday, after working the past two Sunday mornings.  And then back here to start working at 1PM again.

Do I like working so much, for no overtime pay and no compensating time off?  No I don’t.  My nephew just got an increase in the hours he works (to over 40 per week) and got a nice bump in compensation.  Good for him.   I’ve got a friend in Florida who left my company voluntarily, and is now working at a dream job – better pay, better hours, much better support and appreciation internally.  Good for him.  I have another friend who was laid off from my company, who declined to get onto my team as a job preserver – the hours and stress were not worth it for him.  Good for him – he knows what is important to him.

I like the work I do.  I like my boss and co-workers, and I like the salary I get for doing my job.  I do think that the company is taking unfair advantage of us.  They wouldn’t dare to work us this hard for so little in a booming economy.  So I work, and I take advantage of perks like working at home when I can, and I praise God for a job.  In addition to praising Him for who He is.

Because that’s what success is all about.  It’s not hours spent at a job, or money in the bank, or a nice new house (for which I am also thankful).  It’s not measured in pounds lost.  Success is measured in finishing the race successfully, in being counted among the saints in glory.  It’s eternal, not temporal.  And these work hours, the extra body weight I carry around, are temporal.  And temporary.  They won’t last.  I’ll eventually have the best Boss in all of creation, and He’ll set my work hours in the best way possible.  I’ll have a new body, and won’t care about the old one.  The aches and creaks I have, the cataracts and gall stones others have – all those things will be gone.  We will be perfected, in a way that we just can’t understand now.

There won’t be bickering, there won’t be traffic jams, there won’t be bad weather.  There won’t be clogged sinuses and aching backs.  There won’t be dry skin and chapped lips.  There won’t be computers, either.

That will be a blessing.