This is much more important than just the games themselves.  This is talking about the equipment used in the games.  The most mobile part of the game equipment.  This is talking about golf balls and ping-pong balls.

And toilets.

When you’re building a house, you get to choose all new equipment.  Toilets are a subset of that.  We wanted to go green, which means a low flush.  We’re not green fanatics – water here costs about ten times what it did when we were on city water.  We also wanted the toilets to work, consistently.  Finding the right toilets meant lots of investigation.

Turns out that toilet companies are competing on the greenness of their offerings, as well as the functionality.  This was a great time to be building a house.  Some of the low-flush toilets have a lower-flush option for “non-solid waste”.  The full flush takes about 1.6 gallons, the demi-flush only about .8.

The functional tests provided by the toilet companies don’t use natural byproducts, or course.  They emulate the real thing with golf balls and ping-pong balls.  And they have videos out on their web sites to prove that they can flush objects from both ends of the spectrum.

We have gotten used to the super-low-flush aspects of our toilets.  It’s amazing how well they work, on such little water.  I’m astounded at how much other toilets use when we go out into the real world.

The other related problem is that we got the slow-drop toilet lids, where they close quietly.  Rather cool.  Until you leave the house and go into the world, and forget that not all toilet seats are as friendly, or as quiet.