Well, yeah, they both are.  They help me see things like this:

Flea market stall accused of selling counterfeit replicas

Leaving aside the question of whether the police charged a stall or the people running it, I wonder what they were selling.  I imagine it was unauthorized replicas, or counterfeit purses.  A counterfeit replica would be a knock-off that wasn’t even what was being sold.  Maybe buying a fake Coach purse (“90% off – today only!!”) but actually getting a fake Rolex, or a loaf of bread.  Something like that.  It hurts my head to think about it.

Sort of like this quote from the local library, on the appointment of a new assistant director (one-page PDF here):

“Sue has devoted countless time and energy to the Clermont County Public Library system,” says David Mezack, Executive Director.

Countless hours?  Incredible energy?  Immeasurable time and energy?  Any of those.   Just not “countless time and energy”.  Please, not that.