(at work).  The rest of my team is off this week, and next week, and I was hoping for a little bit of quiet time to catch up on things.  Our wiki needs simplifying, and I have some scripts that need some serious work.  I have a stack of unread email at work that’s getting pretty high.

Instead, I have been dragged to meetings, and helped get some new testing environments planned and set up, and been a mentor when somebody else wiped out a directory in a system I supported a year and a half ago.  (Step 1: Take a deep breath.  Step 2: Read the documentation.)

Monday night I helped somebody clean some viruses off their computer.  They were there and real – this wasn’t a “I think maybe . . .”.  I never could get their paid-for McAfee to load, even after whacking on it for hours.  So I left them with AVG, the Kerio personal firewall, and Spybot Search and Destroy (along with a few other tools) – and no viruses.

Wednesday night we had the Christmas Eve service at church – nice service.  I prepared communion before-hand, and replaced a couple light bulbs in the auditorium.  Afterward, we were invited to some friends’ house for pasta and crosswords (at least, that’s how it ended up).

Tuesday night I had the night off.  I moved boxes downstairs for about an hour, and then caught up on personal to-do things.  I re-registered the domain for the local pregnancy care group, and switched to a new web host provider for my other web site.  2IP is Christian, and offers lifetime unlimited hosting for $80.  Not sure how that works, business-case-wise, but the sample sites I checked with them loaded quickly.

Tomorrow we’re visiting two different sets of relatives for presents and food.  This is good.

I also want to report on this blog.  This is posting number 560, and I have been doing this for 556 days.  Pretty good, if I do say so myself.  I’ve gotten 914 comments – about 1.6 comments per post.  Finally, I have gotten 15,363 page views.  That’s over 27 per day.  Thank you, folks, for your support and feedback.

And Merry Christmas!