We’re still processing the moved things at the box level.  We are not looking inside boxes to see what goodies lurk there.  Got no time for that.

I am starting to rip all my CDs.  This will be a major effort, but well worth it.  I’ll have my music together in one place, and be able to listen whenever I want.  Tonight I have ripped about a dozen CDs.  Good start.  Maybe 1% of the total.

I previously wrote about whether or not to keep my PC Magazines.   They’re going.  I’ll keep the first one and the last one, and the first one from every year.  But I’m not going to keep hundreds of issues that I’ll never go back to.  I’ll recycle them, or give the recent ones to somebody.  But people don’t have to read about the brand new 286 computers, or check out math coprocessors.  It’s a snapshot in time, but it’s also unneeded.