I have always been willing to do things a little bit differently.  That’s part of the reason I like running Linux – It’s not “normal”, and I can configure it how I like.

Today I got my new refurbished MP3 player.  It’s a nifty cheapie from buy.com, but it has a gig of memory (old one only had 256M), and it’s expandable by another two (that microSD is coming soon),  It has a video screen, in color.

And it’s upgradeable.

There’s a bunch of geeks who rewrite the operating system for MP3 players, called RockBox.   This installs along-side the factory software, but allows much more tweaking than the stock OS.  Whether it’s different VU meters, better equalization, or a calculator, RockBox can provide it.  And album art.  And a JPG viewer.  And games.

Sudoku, Pong, Asteroids, Qix, Solitaire, chess, and Tetris.  Oh, and Doom.

Yes, the MP3 player that I got for the price of a couple lunches out can play nifty games.  This thing rocks.

And since I just rediscovered the cassette adapter for my car stereo that plugs into a CD player output, I just found a new source of tunes.   Gonna make road trips a lot more musical.