I use a daily devotional as part of my study of God and his word.  Some years it’s a regular devotional-type thing.  In 2008 I used G. K. Chesterton’s A Chesterton Calendar – excerpts from his writing that varied from a sentence to a page or more.  Good reading – not always as spiritual as I would have liked, but a few really resonated with me.  I’ll have to post them.

In 2009, I’m going to be using Day by Day with the Early Church Fathers, consisting of a page of their writing and a verse or two from the Bible (KJV – but I can handle it!).

For my devotions I also try to read a chapter of the Bible in two versions – NASB and The Message.  If I go to bed earlier, it’s easier to read without falling asleep.  And on that note, good night.

And Happy New Year!