I usually weigh myself at night, but I’m weighing myself in the morning today.  The scales settled at 201.4, which gets reported as 201.  So I have lost eight pounds in four weeks (my self-challenge started December 10, but backing it up to the prior Saturday gives December 6 as a calculated starting date).  I am now at the weight I should have lost by January 31.  Not shabby.

And thanks to a generous Christmas gift from unnamed parents, I have some spending money.  I have gotten the MP3 player (Sansa C240, refurb, which runs RockBox real well) and a 2G MicroSD card for it (which I stayed up way too late last night working on filling).  So now I can easily carry a gazillionty of hours of digital music and 15 hours of battery life, which makes trips all over the country more musical.

I’m also planning on getting MyBible 5 for my PDA.   The neat new feature is tabbed Bibles, which means you can easily switch between two or three different versions.  My current reading takes me between NASB and The Message, so this would be an annoyance saver (not a big time savings, overall, but making a repetitive task smoother).  I’m also planning on getting a new translation.  I’d been thinking of Broadman & Holman’s Christian Standard Bible.  I found this review that is generally positive.  Following up the web chain shows this list of Bibles published this century, including the English Standard Version.  I’m probably going to stick with the CSB.  From the CSB review:

The marginal equipment of the CSB is clearly its best feature, and (despite the few lapses noted above) in this reviewer’s opinion it more than compensates for any weaknesses of the text.

and then from the ESV review:

For close study it is less suitable than the NASB or NKJV. These latter versions, despite their difficulties and obscurities, continue to be the most useful for detailed and careful study.

Got those two – I’ll stick with them, and CSB.  And a free bonus gift – a 19-page essay on why the NASB is a decent translation.  Nicely written, and shows a good understanding of what’s important in a translation (appropriate, since it came from a seminary – Wisconsin Lutheran).