Well, not so new.  But newly formatted.

I am hosting my personal web site stevea.org on 2ip.com, starting yesterday.  I host a couple other domains there, as well.  And if things work out, I’m doing it for $80.  For the rest of forever.  They have a hosting package that’s permanent, for a hundred bucks, but the page I linked to above gives a 20% discount code.  If it lasts for a year, the price is a wash with the last place.  Very easy hosting.

And I updated my web page.  The content is the same, but it’s in a different format.  I found a poster on World Mag Blog who does some web design, and I liked his page.  So I’m using it, and crediting him on the last tab of my page.

Monday I go back to work.  I’ve enjoyed this little vacation – I have gotten a lot done at a personal level.  I feel more caught up now.