I don’t wear a wrist-watch.

I used to.  I think I belonged to the Casio watch-of-the-month club – there was always some nifty new gadget on there, whether it was a calculator, a TV remote, or a lunar lander ( <== exaggeration warning).

But a few years ago, I decided not to wear a watch.  I have my personal cell phone that has the time, and I usually have my Palm Pilot, and occasionally have my work cell.  My car has a clock, my PCs have clocks.  The thermostat on the wall has a clock!

My goal has been to get a watch implanted as the nail of my left thumb.  I don’t know how it would work, how it would be powered, but that’s the ultimate in usability.  It’s there all the time, doesn’t have to be messed with, and It Just Works.  It also has the minor problem of not existing yet.

Same with my next wrist-watch.  But I hope it arrives soon.  They showed a prototype of it at CES today.  It’s all big and gangly, knees and elbows everywhere.  But some day it’ll grow into a mature product, and it will be cool.  Once it gets cool and cheap, I’ll get one.  By that time, it will probably carry a hundred gigabytes or so on it.  I may – may – be able to get all my music in there.

Oh – the power for it?  My guess is nuclear.  If the Soviets can build nuclear-powered lighthouses, anything is possible.