I’m happy for him, but I have a bad feeling about the next few years.  I don’t think he’s in any great physical danger – we have gotten rid of a lot of the KKK junk that used to be around.  And he seems like a nice enough person.

But I distrust his ideals, and I distrust his convictions.  He is for several of the things I am against – abortion, bigger government, fewer guns, global warming, and a rampant globalization that seems to put the US distinctly below other nations and groups.

I also distrust the disparity between his presentation behind a teleprompter and his unrehearsed thoughts.  I have spoken publicly on occasion, and I am astounded at the times I use “um” or “uh”.  But I’m not a public speaker.  I don’t have training in that.  I’m not earning my living by what I say.  My fear is this guy is making it up as he goes, trying to fit the words to his audience, telling them what they want to hear instead of telling it like it is.

Time will tell.  He’s my president, and I will continue to pray for him.  I also think that the American people have exactly the president that most of them wanted (woe be unto all of us).  And I know that

The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord;  He guides it wherever He pleases.