Honest, officer.  I was just going down the driveway when this tree jumped out in front of me . . .

The snow ended today.  We ended up with an oreo of frozen water: the bottom cookie is about three inches of snow.  The creamy middle is ice – a half inch or more.  The top cookie is thinner, but back to snow.  The total is six inches.  Would that it were a  cookie – I’d be in sugar overdose heaven!

Alas, ’tis but snow and ice.

After work today (I worked at home – they kicked people out of my work building around 10AM,  just in time for the level 3 snow emergency where the police could arrest you for being on the roads), Bettie and I went out and spent a couple hours working on the driveway.  The snow/ice/snow combo was hard to shovel up.  The gravel driveway didn’t help.  But we did a pretty good job.

Down toward the bottom of the driveway, just before you reach the bridge on the way out, a tree was arched over into the driveway.  The weight of the ice caused it to gracefully bend over, bowing its head to the ground.  Placing it, of course, right where we’d like to drive our vehicles.  We tried banging the ice off.  We tried pushing it to the side.  We considered loppers – currently unavailable.

So we’re going to see how things go tomorrow, and what we can do to get around/under/through the tree.