Back in high school, when I chewed gum regularly, I read a comic in a piece of bubble gum saying that something was available “BY PUBLIC DEMAND*”.  (Yes, they only used caps.)  The asterisk pointed to the bottom of the paper, where it said “JOE POPULAR DEMANDED IT”.  Funny, for a bubble gum comic, at least to me.

And with no further ado, here’s more snow pix.

This is from Tuesday night, during the early part of the ice storm.

It must have fallen as rain, right at 32 degrees.

By the time it was over, we had about six and a half measured inches

The ice was everywhere. This is a wrought iron pole made to hold garden flags.

The sun broke out for a few minutes. This was taken from inside.

Even the tall grass in the field got it.

Here is the driveway-blocking tree. Not as picturesque as the one Mark found, but a lot more personal.

It did a good job of blocking the driveway.

Yup, gonna be hard to drive around that one . . .

This picture, especially the right-hand side, reminds me of an Ansel Adams print. Cropping the brown grass out of it would almost turn it into a black-and-white pic, but would also remove the context – it needs the open space. I guess that’s why I’m not Ansel Adams.

Photographer’s note: Most of these pictures are Bettie’s. I took the ones from indoors (sunshiney ones, and the non-Ansel-Adams one).