Sunday night was a late night, and I had to get up early to catch the bus.  Early means 6:45, which is not early for some, but is awful early compared getting up at 8:20.  I was going to get about six hours’ sleep.

And then God intervened, as He has a habit of doing.  If I wake up within 30 minutes before my alarm, that’s God time, and I spend it doing extra praying and reading the Bible.  God got me up about 20 minutes early today.  I went out and prayed at the love seat in the living room.  I remember starting out something like “God, I’m tired – and You are Holy.”  He knows I’m tired, and I don’t want to be a crybaby to God (or anybody else, although I whimper from time to time here).

Part of the “deal” I have with God is that He will take care of me and my lack of sleep after getting me up early.  And He did.

Today I gave a presentation to my boss’s boss’s boss (we’re up into VP level) on some testing I’m coordinating at work.  This was a command performance for the VP – he had asked for something that could be presented to the customer and I created the PowerPoint.  The demo was set for 1:30, and I was worried that the after-lunch siesta feeling might hit.  Nope – wide awake, and my thoughts flowed well.  I was able to answer questions without stumbling, and come up with accurate replies to areas I hadn’t considered before.  The meeting had been requested for 15 minutes duration.  I scheduled a half-hour, and it ran to 50 minutes because of good dialog.  I’m not climbing the corporate ladder, but this was very much a career-enhancing meeting.

Thanks, God.