Bettie picked me up at work today, saving the three dollar bus fare, delivering water to work,  and letting us catch up on stuff as we drove home.

We stopped at the store to pick up some supplies.  Some of the food was priced incorrectly – one of her pizzas was on sale, but rang up at the old price.  And some munchies rang up too low.

Kroger has a policy of providing an item for free if it’s marked incorrectly, with a cap of $5 per item.  We got $5 from the pizza, and $2.50 from the munchies (marked at $5 on the shelf, but ringing up at $2.50 at the register).

It was a nice bonus, made even nicer when we stopped to share the joy with the Girl Scouts selling cookies in the store lobby.

Mmmmmmmm.  I like February.