(first a quick note of 194.0 on Saturday night..  Half-way there!)

Two of my favorite verses from the Bible are

Be still, and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit filling you.


Be still, and sense Jesus walking beside you, every step of the way.

Don’t try looking up those in any normal Bible – they won’t be there, because I just made them up.  Those are based on emotion, on feelings, on a rush that is great (but not necessarily valid) when it happens.

The real Bible verse is from Psalm 46:10:

Be still, and know that I am God

Knowledge.  There can be head knowledge as well as heart knowledge.  I’m not arguing for a relationship with God that is devoid of emotion – that’s not possible.  I’m not saying there is no place for feelings and emotions – check out the times “fear” and “God” are mentioned in the same verse.  But even that fear has a rational aspect to it.  God is a big God.

When I was baptized, back in the 90s, I thought that I was following scripture but it would be no big deal. Following the command, go underwater, and come up again, dry off, and go home.  When I came up out of the water, though, I had a hymn running through my head – and LOUD!.  I wish I could remember which one it was – something about the family of God (no, not the Gaither one).  It was a joyous song, and it stuck in there – solidly, for days, all the time.  And I had other church songs going through my head continuously for the next month.  That’s a God thing, and a great emotional thing.  I don’t understand it, but it was valid.  I’d love for it to happen again (the music, not the baptism).  But I’m not basing my salvation/sanctification/daily walk on it.

My daily walk comes from a decision to seek God and His will, and to be open to His corrections and urges in my life.  Not the “God told me to rob a bank and give the money to the church” urges, but things that are in harmony with the Bible.  That takes conscious effort.   God is a rational God, and wouldn’t issue a new (and illogical) revelation to me.  He’s a God who makes sense.

He’s also a loving God.  You’ll know that when you know Him.