In a movie, one of the behind-the-scenes people does “continuity”.  They’re the ones who make sure that the water glass stays half-full between takes, or notices it when it doesn’t happen.

Bettie and I are in the middle of watching a John Wayne serial, The Shadow of the Eagle.  It’s a 12-part serial that was probably shot over a week’s time and shown across twelve weeks in the movie theaters.  And they saved money by not having a continuity person.

It’s sort of funny.  A light-switch disappears from a wall.  John Wayne goes from bending over to sitting as the camera angle switches.

And best of all, at the thrilling conclusion of one episode, John Wayne gets thrown off the side of a Ferris wheel.  At the beginning of the next week’s episode, he magically catches a bar on the inside of the ride.

Pretty cool, but no continuity.  And since everybody in the picture is probably dead (it was from 1932), I have nobody to complain to.

Somehow, I’ll get by.