Reporters sometimes need to keep their contacts secret, and will occasionally go to jail because they are protecting their sources.

My take is a little different.  I think we need to shout our source (God, as revealed through the Bible) from the rooftops.  We also need to protect this source by remaining true to the Bible.

I was travelling on the East coast several years ago when I attended a church that stayed true to the Bible.  In Sunday school, the teacher read a passage and then commented on it.  The minister, attending the class, remarked “What you say is true, but it’s not supported by that text”.  Cool – not a slap-down, but protecting the source.

I ran across two instances recently where I had to correct my thinking.  First was the infamous “writing on the wall”.  The words written on the wall are MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.  I had been remembering them as measured, measured, weighed, and found wanting.  The “found wanting” mapped to UPHARSIN.  Wrong-o.  I was correct in what I remembered, but I wasn’t complete.  The “weighed and found wanting” maps to TEKEL.  The UPHARSIN means that the kingdom was going to be given to the Persians.  This was not a foundationally major change, but I want to be accurate.

The other realignment I had was this verse from the Bible:

I have the strength of ten, because my heart is pure.

I was going to use it yesterday, but I had trouble locating it.  Found a lot of verses, but not that specific one.  I knew it was referring to Solomon, but I just couldn’t find it, regardless of the version I was searching in.  In frustration I turned to Google, where I found out that the quote is from Tennyson, on Sir Galahad.  Internal adjustment necessary.

So not major corrections.  But necessary corrections.