Good Friday is also Crucifixion day, the day that Jesus was nailed to a cross and died for my sins.  He was (and is) fully God, so He was perfect and sinless, yet had to be penalized for something (infinite somethings) He did not do.  And He was fully man, meaning that having a hulk of a Roman soldier pound big nails through His flesh hurt.  A suffocating death, while straining against the gravity He had created, was not an enjoyable process.

And yet Jesus had the presence of mind to quote scripture (Psalm 31:5) with His dying breath.  I remember it in the KJV:

into thy hands I commend my spirit

Growing up. I understood commend in its modern meaning – shading towards recommend.  “God, I’m not going to need this spirit down here on earth.  It’s a pretty good one – You gave Me a perfect one to start with, and I have taken real good care of it, so I recommend it to You.”  A letter of introduction, as it were.  Newer translations use more modern English.  The NASB says

into your hands I commit my spirit

Much different flavor – much different meaning.