You don’t hear sounds of silence at this place.  Inside, there are normal house noises (the furnace fan ramps up and down, instead of being a binary on or off), but outside is great.

I ran to the library and the store this morning, and frightened three deer as I walked out the door.  They moved branches and grass as they started to dash away, then they slowed down and sauntered into the woods.

Tonight when I walked down the driveway to get the mail, I heard a rainbow of sounds.  Spring peepers vying for vocal supremacy.  The rush of water in the creek, audible from inside the carport.  The patter of raindrops dripping from the trees.  The whir of car tires on the wet road. The crunch of the gravel, with different driveway sections sounding different.  The rattle of a small stone in the hollow heel of my shoe.  And a small flock of Canadian geese flying out of sight but not out of hearing (and yes, they are Canadian geese.  Their passports were checked and valid.).

And the smaller birds!  The short chp of something unidentified as I picked up the mail.  And on previous days, the growl of a bothered chickadee – not as high dudgeon as “perturbed”, but not peaceful.  The calm and continued knocking of a woodpecker.  The quiet hoot of an owl a ways off.

Open the ears of my heart.