So I’ve been on this weight-loss thing for a while now, and I’ve been reporting weekly on whether or not I made my goal.  I started to think about reporting on the overall scheme of things – how could I show my progress over time?

There’s the graph of weight vs. time


that shows the downward trend.  There’s the graph of goal attainment vs. time – how well did I do at making the goal?


But I wanted to show more.  I want to show the effects of my overtime on my weight across time – but now I have three variables instead of two.  I could use two graphs


but that’s sort of defeating the purpose.  I could use a 3D thingie


which is better but doesn’t really show what I want.  It’s hard to get things measured in units and things measured in hundreds to show together, accurately, and significantly.  So I’ll try a graph that shows the position of the dot as my weight gain/loss and the size of the dot the overtime I put in that week.


Yes, that’s the proper way to show that I missed my weight this week by three pounds, and blame it on the overtime I’ve been putting in.