This is my weight report.  I’m getting better, but still not great.

189 April 25
188 May 2
187 May 9
186 May 16

Those are the goal numbers.  During this week, I hit 191.6, which translates into 192, which puts me three pounds over.  I saw 191.4 on the scale, but couldn’t get it to stay there.  I’m still down a pound from last week, and hope to make up the difference and get back on track.

This week I had a big bag of M&Ms (post-Easter sale) and ate at a Chinese buffet.  Very good food, and I over-did it most on the dessert (ice cream and pudding and eclairs, oh my!).  At home, Bettie and I did pizza and a movie last night (The Fountainhead.  Nicely done, but I felt like I was reading a philosophy book.).  This week I’ve also had a couple oranges, plus chicken salad sandwiches with purple grapes mixed in.  Lunch one day was beanie weenies over Pepperidge Farm bread.  I’m getting some variety in my diet – it’s not all pizza and chocolate.

But I keep hoping . . .