Another multi-targeted post.

The Amish do things simply, and have minimal “stuff”.  There is great wisdom in this, and much mental space.  I have much stuff, and not so much mental space.  I am taking two bags of books to the used book store.  It’s not much (I have easily twice that much in the same area, and probably twice that much again in other places).  The books aren’t out, are not accessible, and are not really usable.  Some day, I hope they will be.

One sect of the Amish is the Beachy Amish.  I couldn’t tell you the difference between them and any other alternative types.  I thought of them when I had to clean up a dining room floor that had gotten really messy.  Bad enough that it needed some disinfecting.  Lots of hot water, a little bleach – and my mind comes up with Bleachy Amish.  They’re the ones with surprisingly lighter hair.

One other thing I like about the Amish is their restaurants.  Their food is solid and appetizing – healthy comfort food.  I’m looking forward to some comfort food soon.  Mmmmmmmmm . . .

Finally, somewhere on this earth is an Amish person who weighs 190.4 pounds, just like I do.  Way to go, Amish person!  You’re only two pounds over the target weight.

188 May 2
187 May 9
186 May 16
185 May 23