Happy May Day!  Workers of the world, untie

yourselves from the chains binding you.

In the first four months of the year, I worked 167 hours of unpaid overtime.  That is one extra month of work that they got, taken away from me.

I’m on track to match last year’s 500 hours of OT, to within one percent.  The “good” thing is that I get to spread it across twelve months, instead of compressing it into ten months.  Somehow that doesn’t give me a lot of cheer.

The problem is that it’s bumpy.  25% overtime means two hours extra a day, with no weekend work.  Or it means a ten-hour day on Saturday, with no extra time during the week.  Evened out, it’s not terrible.  It’s terrible when it doesn’t even out.

I get paid twice a month, and report my time on that schedule.  It’s roughly two weeks, sometimes edging up a bit.  Some pay periods this year have had single digits of overtime.  I can live with that – it’s the normal bumps in the road.  But when I reach 40 and 60 hours of OT in a half-month, something’s wrong.  No plans on changing anything, not going to do anything radical, but I want to influence my employer into a better way of handling resources (me).  I really like what I do, and I do it with great people.

I just wish I didn’t do it so much.