Except it wasn’t a dream.

As Bettie and I drove north from Knoxville to Cincinnati, we caught up with some trucks transporting a circus to some point above where they were.  Then we stopped for something, and when we started up the road again, we ran across one of the same trucks.  Interesting.

We left K-ville later than we intended.  I had a couple grocery store bags of books that I didn’t want anymore, intending to take them to the Book Eddy and McKays.  Once the Book Eddy said they’d take a bag and a half and give us sixty dollars in trade, it was awful hard to leave.  We didn’t make it to Mckay’s.

While we were waiting on the pricing from the Book Eddy, we ate at the Mexican restaurant at the end of the same shopping plaza.  Severely Mexican – there was a Spanish-language soap opera on the TV, the signs in the restroom were in Spanish, and the waitress didn’t speak English.  The food was good, and lots of it.  Happy Quatro de Mayo to us.