Today was payoff day.  Last November, I gave my mom a visit to Miss Annabelle’s Tea Parlor.  Today the four of us went, and had a marvelous time.  We chose not to dress up in the many hats (some red) and boas.  Pictures coming soon.

We started off with Queen Mary tea and Georgia Peach tea, along with blueberry scones, strawberry muffins, clotted cream (think sweet, soft cream cheese) and strawberry jam.

We ordered our first round of teas: Miss Annabelle’s Sweetheart Blend for mom, Orange Spice for dad, Blackberry for Bettie, and Belgian Chocolate for me. We all shared and enjoyed each others’ as well.

Next food drop: Tomato basil soup, and quiche florentine. And a slice of a vegetable roll (sort of a veggie sushi).

Next round of teas: A new pot of Miss Annabelle’s for mom, Mulled Spice for dad, Hazelnut Vanilla for Bettie, and Maple for me.

Serious food: Fruit (melon, pineapple, watermelon, an orange slice, and grapes), cucumber sandwiches, a croissant with chicken salad, Mexican wedding cookies, tea cookies (with icing), and a fresh strawberry dipped in chocolate.  All on a three-tier pie server.

After that, we finished off our teas and waited for the wheelbarrows to take us back to the car.

But wait, there’s more! We had some tiramisu slices to fill in any remaining gaps in our digestive tracts.

All in all, a very good time.  The owner (Lisa, not Annabelle) was flying solo, brewing teas and serving food to the 17 guests at the 1PM seating.  And doing a great job of it.  Smiling, moving quickly without rushing, taking time to take our picture when we asked, and answering questions about what various teas taste like.

Highly recommended.  Not something for every day, but definitely worth-while for special occasions.  Like birthdays, or Mother’s Day, or because you love your wife.