God is great.

I helped at a wedding rehearsal today.  The couple is getting married on Saturday, and they’re doing it right – as baptized Christians.  These two are new creations because of their actions, and they will be creating a new family.

We saw our first hummingbird at the new house yesterday (Saturday, May 9, 2009).  Much joy.

We ate at Skyline Chili and a Chinese buffet yesterday, and Red Lobster today.  We are full, and are growing creations.  Earlier this week, I was at 192.0.

187 May 9
186 May 16
185 May 23
184 May 30

I helped my dad with his blog tonight, getting him a new blog header.  I tweaked the picture in GIMP.  The header is a new creation, and I enjoyed making it.  This is part of being made in His image.

And I’m headed for bed, for relaxation and renewal.  There are philosophers who wonder if we are the same person when we wake up, or a different person with the same memories.  I won’t worry about that.  I will say that

His compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;

Funny verse coming from Lamentations (3:22b-23a), but I’ll take it!