We’re not there yet, but it’s edging on time to get new phones.  Our old cell phones are wearing out, starting to degrade physically (battery issues and a cracked screen cover).  So what to do?

We use Verizon, and generally like the service.  Pretty good coverage.  We’ve had our numbers for years, so would very much want to keep them.

On the other side of the coin, Sprint’s Boost Mobile is offering an all-you-can-eat plan for fifty bucks a month.  That’s voice, data, text, you-name-it.  The idea of having web access everywhere is great.  Fifty bucks a month times two isn’t greatly above what we’re spending now.

The problem comes in the phones.  I haven’t played much with geek phones, but I’ve seen an iPhone and a Google phone.  Big screens, virtual keyboards, useful in a mini way.  Micro-screen phones with keypad keyboards (“hit the 5 key three times to get an L”) don’t cut it.  I am not going to buy frustration.  Unless I want to spend three hundred bucks, per phone, that big-screen hardware is not available on the Boost network.

So the search continues.