If you want my lane, you’ll have to fight me for it.

It was the case back in 2006 when my group went go-karting

I got my nose under somebody’s rear end, and when he cut down on me going into a corner, it spun him so it looked as if I T-boned him. I got put into the penalty box for one minute – the only one from our group during the whole race.  I was still in the right.

Not surprising, then, when I held my line today on the interstate when somebody cut in on my lane.

Not anywhere near as bad as it sounds, though.  I was entering the interstate during a bad downpour, going slowly because there was stopped traffic.  A guy to my left wanted to get out of the lane he was stuck in, and he did so without looking.  I have minor damage to the front fender, and my tire rubs when I turn right.  There’s bent metal and scraped plastic.  We stopped and exchanged info, and I already have a claim number from his insurance company.  It was friendly – he goofed and admitted it.  It was very low speed, and nobody was ever in danger.  A policeman came up while we were trading info and got all the details, and will file a report.  All low-key.

But it sounds better when I tell the story NASCAR style.