I have a Palm Pilot.  Not the original, but a Tungsten E.

I like to load junk onto it – I’m a geek.  Unfortunately, I had not been practicing safe uploading.  I would see something interesting (I can draw?  I can factor numbers?  I can see tide times?  Cool!!!!) and load it up.

And of course, something broke.  Probably some library (java on the Palm?  Why not!) or something.  The whole thing was usable, just damaged.  I couldn’t change the time without needing a reset.  I couldn’t search for things without a reset.  I couldn’t get it to pop the time up, couldn’t get it to see new programs, and couldn’t get it to delete old ones.

I had the afternoon off work today, and set off on an adventure.  I wrote down the apps I had, and did a good backup (to card and to the PC), and then wiped memory out.  And rebuilt it from scratch.

I got the new version of Laridian’s MyBible (with tabbed Bibles), upgraded some of my applications, grabbed some new free books from Baen, loaded it all up (incrementally), and I have a working Palm!  It’s not perfect – no bookmarks in MyBible, no tabs in ZLauncher, no birthdays recognized in Happy Days – but those are minor.

It walks, it talks – it’s a good thing!