I never cheated on my homework.  Didn’t do the homework, sometimes, or did it just in time (or just after just in time.  Sorry, Mrs. Hatfield).

But there are times when you know that somebody is cheating on their homework.  You catch a kid passing notes in class, or cribbing off a sheet of paper.  Or the fun one is a solid C- student turning in an A+ paper.  There’s still the question of whether they got it off the internet or had someone else write it, but there’s no question that the work is well above what they’re capable of.

I recently read Galatians and thought the same thing.  Here’s a book written about 20 years after Jesus’ death – a long time in our lives, but not so long when dealing with a totally brand-new world-view.  Paul didn’t have the luxury of growing up Christian – he was Jewish.  He didn’t have the benefit of a couple millenia for people to kick ideas around – this stuff is fresh!  He’s writing theology.

And it’s good stuff.  Deep and thought-provoking.  Not necessarily out of character for him, but an extraordinary work.

Since he didn’t have the internet back then, I’ll go with door number 2.  Paul had help – the Holy Spirit was giving him the words to write down.  This is not a bad thing – I need help from the Holy Spirit to make it through the day/week/year.

So no points off.  Paul gets a well-deserved A+ for Galatians.