This is about the little fender bender, and the big impact it had.

The insurance adjuster stopped by on Friday, looked at my car, and decided it was hurt just $300 south of the car being totaled.  She wrote me out a check for that amount.  Today we took the car to a body shop.  Their first estimate: $200 north of the “total” line.  Bettie: What about using third-party parts?  Car guy: Okay, that will bring you down to – lessee – $9 south of being totaled.

So I get to keep my 15-year-old zoom-mobile.  That’s good – I want a new car (and a new computer, and a pony, and . . .), but I sure don’t want new car payments.

It doesn’t hurt to investigate car offerings, though.  While mine is in the shop, I’m driving a Chevy HHR, complements of the other guy’s insurance company.  And I can tell you that an HHR is way off the top of the list.

HHR (cool panning photo from brigaid.  Mine is grey.)

My big problem with the car is that I sit so far back I can’t see traffic lights when I’m the first car in line.  I have to lean forward to see if the signal has changed yet.

I have learned many things over the years, but one I’m embracing recently is “don’t buy problems”.  So the HHR isn’t even a consideration for the car I’m not getting.

And in personal sad news, the weight loss program is in the dumps.  I was at 194 Sunday morning.

186 May 16
185 May 23
184 May 30
183 June 6

The scales have new batteries, and Bettie and I agree that the indicated weight is a couple pounds heavier than with the old batteries.  Even so, that puts me at an apples-to-apples 192, or six pounds over.  I guess eating so much can have a positive impact on my weight (but not on my weight loss).