Well, it’s official.  We have seen our First Mouse.  At least, Bettie did.

At oh-dark-hundred Bettie was in the bathroom when she saw something dark coming under the door.  Her first thought was that it was a giant spider, hence the scream that woke me up and sent me running.  Once she saw that it was a mouse, it was better, but still not good.

I couldn’t see a thing – I had gotten up without my glasses.

We calmed down and inspected the house – no house mouse.  We talked about how it had gotten in, and where we could set out traps.  We barricaded the bedroom doors (with towels) and made food mouse-proof.  It’s amazing how you see things differently from a mouse’s perspective.  Probably similar to having a toddler.

I picked up some traps today, and we baited them with peanut butter.  The traps are Victor brand.  And right now, I’d rather be victorious and kill a mouse than be presidential and bail one out.

PS: One of the benefits of the traps I got are that it

Provides visible proof of rodent capture

And yes, I am looking forward to that.  Life change I can believe in!