Abortionist George Tiller was murdered in his church today.  In case anybody wonders, this was a terrible crime – morally reprehensible.

I don’t agree with what Tiller was doing – providing late-term abortions.  I think that is morally wrong, regardless of the law.  But as Christians, we have to work within the law.  The ends do NOT justify the means.

What Tiller was doing may or may not have been legal – he just went through a trial on charges he was skirting the law in getting a second opinion on abortions, and he was acquitted on all charges.  I don’t know the law, and I was not following the trial closely.

The abortions and their morality and legality do not matter in the murder of this man.  Murder is wrong.  There is nothing that justifies murder – nobody deserves to be murdered.  Tiller deserved to be stopped – by legal means.  A murder is not legal and is not justified.  Regardless of how many babies’ lives have been saved, murder is not justifiable.

So just in case anybody missed the finer points of my thinking, here’s my summary.

  1. Murder is wrong, period.
  2. Abortion is wrong, period.

I have the backing of the Bible on this one.   Thou shalt not kill covers both.