At the new house (we’ve been living here for over six months!  Not so new – but until we get rid of the old one, this is still the new house) we’re careful how we use water.  We have low-flow showerheads, and low-volume toilets.  We’re capturing the rain off the roof to use, and trying to conserve that so we don’t have to buy water.

I was taking the trash down to the street tonight, and on the  way back I stopped on the bridge to listen to the creek.  It’s running a little low now, not much volume, and not much noise.  It hit me that by taking the water off the roof for our consumption, we’re stopping it from going into the ground and into the stream.  We are contributing to the low creek noise.

Two things stopped my worries.  First, the area we’re collecting rain water from is maybe three thousand square feet (rough guess, including the carport and porch and the overhang outside the  house walls).  We’re sitting on eleven acres, or almost 480 thousand square feet.  So that’s a little over a half a percent – literally a drop in the bucket.

The other thing is that we have a septic system that puts water back into the ecosystem.  Sure, there’s a little bit of friction loss when I take my personal output to work or church, but there’s also the reverse – bringing in water from the outside and contributing it here.  Probably a wash.

That was a joke.  Wash — water. Get it?

Okay, I’m done with that line.  You’ve been a great crowd.