So I’m reading my company’s in-house news summary, and I find this article referenced.  It’s about Disney trying to determine what their carbon footprint is.  So it goes green and hits cap-and-trade.  Good for them.  Include me out, but good for them.

Then I hit the closing sentence, talking about Disney Wilderness:

Wetlands cover about 2,550 acres and the site is home to 14 documented and 12 unconfirmed protected species of birds and other.

Just stop that flummery right now.  If you haven’t documented them, they don’t exist.  If you’re making up numbers, why stop at twelve?  How about the giant sloth or the woolly mammoth, huh?  Bet you didn’t count them, and they’re undocumented at that location.  We’re up to 14 of  “other”.

When you’re not based in real reality, the sky’s the limit.