It’s Friday night, and that means pizza and a movie.  The movie hasn’t been decided on yet, but the pizza has.  Homemade.

I buy frozen bread dough, let it thaw overnight Thursday in the fridge, and let it sit out all day Friday to rise.  I don’t know how hardy that yeast has to be, but it makes it through the freezing process just fine.

Then I thought about how God prohibited yeast, commanding unleavened bread during the Passover commemoration.  I have heard that it is because the rising of the bread dough comes through fermentation, which is death and decay.  Even the houses were to be cleaned of leaven (or yeast), and a person who ate anything leavened during the Feast of Unleavened Bread was to be cut off from Israel.

I find it very interesting that leavened bread is mentioned.  I finished reading through Leviticus recently, and saw this in a section on sacrifices.  This comes from Lev 7:11-14.  I quote v.13:

With the sacrifice of his peace offerings for thanskgiving, he shall present his offering with cakes of leavened bread.

A commentary says that “leaven was universally forbidden, but that prohibition concerned only things offered and burnt upon the altar, which this bread was not.” (Classic Bible Commentary, in paper or my preference, through MyBible)

Food for thought.