So on Saturday I sat down to start wiring the house.  The builder installed a single phone jack and no ethernet, though the jacks were available.  Humph.

I started with the phone jacks to ramp up.  Our phones plug into our ViaTalk Gizmo (we use Voice over IP), and then wireless to the rest of the house, so they have not been used to this point.  But I don’t want to start with ethernet – I want to build up to the critical stuff.

I open up the single existing phone jack so I can match what he has.  Wired correctly with blue and blue/white.  One pair, one phone line.  Oh, well, I can fix that sometime.  I see that he used Cat-5 cable, which is nice overkill.  Builder gets +2 points for this.  Then I notice that there are two phone lines going to this outlet.  Uh-oh.

That’s right – the phone lines are wired in a daisy-chain instead of in a star topology.

So where he used an old screw-down connector, which can easily handle two wires per connector, I have modern punch-downs, which accept a single wire.  Time to sit down and think about this.

I have the house wiring designed for multi-connector wall plates, the modular kind.  This covers cable, phone, and ethernet.  Can’t do the phone side of things with daisy-chains.

I’m going to have to draw a schematic of the house, and see where the wires physically run, and see where they connect to.  May be acceptable, may not be.  Might have to run new wire.

Builder switches to -2 points.  Bummer.