Occasionally the New York Times publishes a piece so good that they do a story about the comments.  That was the case yesterday when they published reactions to an article on the joys of living with less.

I especially liked this comment from Paul Henderson.  I have felt like doing that – I don’t need all the junk I have.

Traveling Light

A great friend of mine decided to forsake possessions, to the point that he lived as a guest in friend’s homes, two weeks at a time. His friends looked forward to his visits, as he was an excellent storyteller and truly a brave and entertaining persona. He traveled the country, coast to coast.

When walking him to the train station after a visit, he realized he had accumulated enough to fill two suitcases, both heavy. We were on a bridge, crossing a canal, when he looked at both suitcases, declared he was “too heavy,” and tossed one of the suitcases over the side into the canal. He then smiled a huge smile and we continued walking. Ah, freedom.