This is a grab-bag of stuff.

  • Earlier this week, my weight was a computed 192 (194 minus the two-pound adjustment). Down a pound from last week, but . . .

182 June 13
181 June 20
180 June 27
179 July 4

  • Another fun number to report is Steve and Bettie 2, mice zero.  That’s right – I found one earlier this week, dead in the sump pump room.  He’d been there a while.  And then today I found another, in the same place.  Yes, I put a trap back there again.  Location, location, location.
  • I am starting to identify the ethernet cables around the house.  The electrician who wired the house didn’t do ethernet.  He also didn’t label the cables.  I’m shy one digital (or analog) ohmmeter, so I’m using a work-alike.  I have six cables terminating in the computer room.  I stripped a wire at this end, stripped the same wire at the other end, connected the wire to an extension cord, hooked up a battery, and I’m zapping my tongue with 9 volts.   When I zing myself, I know I have a good connection.  I am labeling the wires.
  • We watched Gary Cooper in High Noon tonight.  First time for either of us.  Good flick.  We think they should show it in a psychology or civics class.  On the other hand, they may not understand his motivation.
  • We have our Reverse Osmosis unit, but it’s not installed yet.  It will be, hopefully this week.
  • We had a weed trimmer for a few days.  A Ryobi 4-cycle from Lowes.  We bought it based on the name, and took it back based on the reviews.  Leaked oil, trouble starting, lots of difficulty starting it.  The reviews were almost uniformly bad.  We are planning on picking up a Husqvarna.
  • Had a re-org at work.  My VP is leaving the company at the end of July.  Not sure what this all portends, or if it’s settled yet.
  • I’ve had over twenty thousand hits on this blog.  What in the world are these people thinking??  Don’t they have anything better to do?
  • We dropped the asking price of our house this week.  We have had several lookers but no offers.
  • Through it all, God is good.  He knows what we need (which doesn’t always line up with what we want).  But He is supplying all our needs.