We’re going through some changes at work.  One of the more significant ones is a move away from Lotus Notes and the SameTime IM platform to Microsoft-based technologies.

We switched our chat client already.  The new one allows us to easily place messages that can give extra information about the people we want to chat with.  The note pops up when we hover our mouse over a little text box.  Some put their office phone numbers, or if they’re off-site, or out to an appointment.

I use mine as a daily micro-twitter of humor.  I lifted one off a bumper sticker last week: If bald is beautiful, my tires are gorgeous.  It’s not true, of course, but it’s funny.

I check out the entries of people I work with.  A few do personal things, or talk about the “joy” we all share in the new technology.  One help desk person uses “Everybody has a photographic memory – some just don’t have any film”.  Makes me wonder what they say about us users when they have a tea break . . .

And then there’s Sowmya.  She’s a tester I support.  I have never met her, have no idea what she sounds like, and have no idea what she’s even talking about.  But I like her attitude.


Whatever cheppandi is, it’s good.  It helps her get through her work day.  I could imagine it being similar to chocolate.

Mmmm . . .  chocolate!