We are drowning in a sea of green.  Not money, but grass and clover and other unnameable weeds that grow really, really fast.

How fast, how high?  Deer can hide in our front yard.  And I’m serious.

This results in a certain amount of tension for both Bettie and I.  We’d like to have a nice lawn, but we’d also like to have a short collection of green things.  The problem is at least two-fold.

First, we have two houses and one mower.  Since our renter mows for us instead of us having to go mow ourselves, we like to keep him well-supplied in lawnmowers (singular).  This means that when he’s got it, we don’t, and when we have it, he don’t.  This is a conundrum.

It is not helped at all by the fact that our backup mower, the battery-powered Mulchinator, gave up the electric ghost about a week ago.  So we got nothing.

No, it’s worse than that.  We had contacted a guy who had a mower for sale on Craig’s List, made an appointment to see it, try it, and probably buy it.  This was over in Northern KY, somewhere around 40 miles from the house.  The guy stood us up.  His meager excuse was that he’d had so many phone calls he went ahead and sold it.  Bothersome in multum.

We approached tonight’s Craig’s List attempt apprehensively – but it turned out great.  We have a riding mower that starts and works, for about a quarter of the price of a new one.  Made me smile as I walked into the hardware store to get a copy of the key, past the shiny expensive ones.

Yesterday we tried to console ourselves with the thought that God was protecting us.  Today we’re rejoicing in it.   God didn’t change – we did.  Gotta trust Him more, for more things.