I’m happy – very happy – to announce that we have two lawn mowers here.  A rider and a push.  And just in time – the clover is growing again!

The other day I was mowing with our self-propelled mower that usually lives at the other house.  Knocking down some foot-high clover, stopping often to clean it out because it’s a mulching mower.  Since the grass clippings that normally drop to the ground are so long (multiple inches instead of fractions of an inch), they gum up the underside of the mower.  It’s not as much mulch as it is pulp.  I’ve lifted up the mower to clean it out and seen green liquid dripping down – grass blood, if you will.

So I’m real cautious about butterflies and grasshoppers that I see in my path.  I nudge them to an area that’s already been mowed, that would be safe for them.

As I was mowing that day, I looked down to see a little caterpillar crawling on my pants leg.  He looked like a wooly bear caterpillar, and by whatever means, he had escaped being turned into mush along with the grass and clover.  I got him off my pants and handed him to Bettie, who dropped him out in some tall grass that wouldn’t be mowed.

That little guy, who I didn’t name, got a massive dose of grace.  I would have been without guilt or error to mow him down, especially since he couldn’t fly away.  I’m positive there are ants and other critters who get pulped by the mulching mower’s blades.  But not him.  Through a mechanism he doesn’t understand at all, he avoided certain death and was transported to a much better place.

Kinda like me.  I’m not transported yet, but I’m on my way.

Thanks, God.